Section Chief Austin T.

“A personal goal of mine is to bring over 1000 Arrowman to the 2018 Heartland Gathering.”

Austin is from Brunswick, GA in the Coastal Georgia Council.  He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of I-Tsu-La Lodge.  Austin has served as the I-Tsu-La Lodge Chief in 2015 and 2016, Section Secretary in 2015-16, and Section Vice-Chief in 2016-17.  This is his third year as a Section Officer.  Austin is currently a Junior at Georgia Southern University, where he is majoring in Outdoor Recreation and minoring in Sustainability.  Austin enjoys rock climbing, paddling, and various other outdoor pursuits.  Austin will be in charge of leading the Section throughout 2017 and into 2018.


Section Vice-Chief Austin C.

“I am looking forward to getting to work closely with many Arrowmen, both adults and youth, to make Indian Winter a success.”

Austin is from McDonough, GA in the Flint River Council.  He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Ini-To Lodge.  Austin has served in a variety in of leadership positions such as Tussahaw Chapter Secretary and Vice Chief, Ini-To Lodge Chief, and 2017 HG Training Chairman.  He will be starting his Junior year at Strong Rock Christian School in the fall.  Austin has played the piano for 6 years now and enjoys hiking in the outdoors with the highlight being a Philmont trek in 2015.  As Section Vice-Chief, Austin will be instrumental in planning Indian Winter in February.  His goals include to reach 200 Arrowman in attendance and to offer a wide variety of classes while still maintaining the AIA focus.  This is his first year as a section officer.


Section Vice-Chief of Gathering Adler S.

“I hope to make this Heartland Gathering the most memorable event for all Arrowmen by providing unique learning opportunities, great food, and fun.”

Adler is from Harvest, AL in the Greater Alabama Council.  He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Coosa Lodge.  Adler has served as a Chapter Chief and a Chaplain Corps Chairman.   This is his first year as a section officer.  Adler is a Freshman and Aubrun University studying Poultry Science.  In his spare time, Adler enjoys beekeeping, Gardening, and Traveling.


Section Secretary Joseph B.

“My goal for SR-9 is to be the best in the nation in all aspects of communication.”

Joseph is from Demopolis, AL in the Black Warrior Council.  He is an Eagle Scout and Brotherhood member of Aracoma Lodge.  Joseph has served as Aracoma’s Secretary Treasurer and the Aracoma Lodge Ceremony Team’s Social Media Coordinator.  He will begin his Sophomore year at Demopolis High School in the Fall.  Joseph is a member of Student Council at DHS and has played soccer for 7 years.  Joseph will be responsible for promoting National, Regional, and Sectional events this year as Section Secretary.  He hopes to continue recent successes in the communication field and help make SR-9 the best Section in the nation.  This is his first year as a section officer.



Adult Leadership

Section Adviser – Mr. Devlin Cooper
Associate Section Adviser – Mr. James Tarbox
Associate Section Adviser – Mr. Ken Barton
Associate Section Adviser – Mr. Jacob Schlies
Finance Adviser – Mr. Ryan Braddy
Webmaster’s Adviser – Mr. Mike Bazonis
Staff Adviser – Mr. Hayes Looney

Section Service Corps


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