Conclave Vice Chiefs Annouced

The following youth are the 2017 SR-9 Conclave Vice Chiefs (CVCs). These 12 youth have been selected to be the leads on program elements at the section conclave in April.cropped-SR-9-LOGO-copy.png

Conclave Service Lodge – William Rud (Chattahoochee Lodge)
William is the current Chattahoochee Lodge Chief and will lead the host lodge in delivering the hospitality and service necessary for a great conclave.

Conclave Promotions – Mac Thompson (Alibamu Lodge)
Mac will coordinate the section’s efforts to promote conclave and provide tools to assist the lodges in their promotions.

Admin Events – Will Harper (Ini-To Lodge)
Will returns for a second year in charge of Admin Events. This position is in charge of competition judging for newsletter, planbook, lodge annual report, website, Facebook, and Twitter.

American Indian Events – Jesse Mayhall (Coosa Lodge)
Jesse will plan and deliver the pow-wow at conclave. The Pow-Wow includes judging of dance and drum aspects of the Order of the Arrow.

Ceremony Events – David Stokes III (Withlacoochee Lodge)
David will run the ceremony evaluations at conclave. This includes providing feedback to ceremony performers for the four ceremonies: pre-ordeal, ordeal, brotherhood, and vigil.

Quest (Athletic) Events – Logan Bozeman (Alibamu Lodge)
Logan will lead the athletic competitions at conclave. In years’ previous, this has included wischixin, gaga ball, dodge ball, volley ball, ultimate frisbee, and tug of war. The events rotate from year to year.

Training – Austin Clark (Ini-To Lodge) and Noah Phillips (Withlacoochee Lodge)
Austin and Noah will plan the training schedule, recruit class trainers, and ensure the program runs smoothly for conclave. These two gentlemen will work together as co-CVCs as Section SR-9 works to improve and strengthen our training program.

Shows – Colin Giles (Coosa Lodge)
Colin will develop the opening and closing shows for conclave. The shows are our large gatherings during conclave on Friday and Saturday nights, and showcase the annual theme in a way Arrowmen will remember.

Special Events – Alex East (Coosa Lodge)
Alex is the current Coosa Lodge Chief and will be using his vast experience to increase our amount of special events. His program elements include the Vigil Rededication Ceremony, VIA Luncheon, Tailypo, Section Patch Auction, and Sash Cab.

Operation Arrow Ambassador – Logan Dolloff (Coosa Lodge)
Logan will promote Operation Arrow throughout Section SR-9. Operation Arrow is the OA’s staff portion of the 2017 National Jamboree in West Virginia.

OAHA Promotions Coordinator – Austin Dowd (I-Tsu-La Lodge)
Austin will promote OA High Adventure and National Leadership Seminar for Section SR-9. OA High Adventure and NLS are excellent national OA programs we hope more Arrowmen will attend.

Contact information is not posted to follow youth protection. Please contact a member of the Section leadership or your Lodge Key 3 for contact info.

Correction: an earlier version of this article had Logan Dolloff misspelt.

August COC Meeting

Section COCThe next council of chiefs meeting will take place at Pierce Chapel UMC in Columbus, GA on August 27. (Address and maps link below) The meeting will start at 2:00 pm EDT. All lodges should bring their lodge chief and adviser. All CVCs and their advisers should also attend.

Please eat lunch prior to arrival, there are several restaurants nearby.

Pierce Chapel UMC
5122 Pierce Chapel Rd.
Columbus, GA 31820

Section NLS Grants

Section SR-9 is launching an initiative to help increase and promote the attendance at the November 11-13, 2016 NLS to be held in Shocco Springs, AL (between Anniston and Talladega). In addition to the NLS program being hosted that weekend, there will also be an NLATS course for any advisers wishing to take part in the weekend.

NLSAs a part of the initiative, the Section is pledging up to $3150 to offset the costs of Youth Arrowmen attending the NLS. This amount represents one-half of the cost of the NLS registration for 30 Youth Arrowmen.

The way this will work is as follows: the Section will reserve 1 allotment of $105 for each lodge in the Section until the close of business on Friday July 15, 2016. Each lodge will have the ability to use this allotment on or before that date.

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